One thought on “Sweet Melisa

  1. Jed Lawrence

    I am a male and over the years I have been an occasional purveyor of Internet porn but for the most part I have been disappointed by my experiences. Do not get me wrong, the ladies are almost always beautiful but they typically seem very unnatural in their movies / videos / picture sets. I recently discovered you (yes, I know that you have been working as a model for about ten years but my explorations have been incomplete) and your are an amazing exception …. your smile alone can break hearts and your almost too good to be true innocence seems completely unforced and natural. I want to thank you for not having any tattoos or body piercings. I want to thank you for keeping your natural breasts as they are. I want to thank you for keeping your natural hair color (an occasional frosting on your natural hair color was cool). I want to thank you for your so very flat abdomen. I want to thank you for avoiding hard core porn and for just focusing on exhibiting your natural beauty. I want to thank you for learning to speak English so that you can do your interviews in English. I want to thank you for freely admitting that you prefer your sexual experiences with women (women know better what women like) but that you nevertheless have and like your sexual experiences with men. After consuming my thank you list of what I like you can certainly identify why you are a singular passion of mine. Tattoos and body piercings alone eliminate the vast majority of females models from my list of special and unique porn stars. Again, thank you so very much.


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